Monday, October 1, 2007

Beef Kailan

I'm bored with stir fry kai lan and I remember when I was in Australia, the chinese Restaurant there always have this beef kailan on their menu. So, feeling a bit of de-javu, I tried to re-create the dish and turned out to be another easy peasy one to do and definitely have high repeat rank to it.

Seriously, it's a nice dish to go with your steaming white rice and can consider it as a one dish could just use it to top your rice and there you go..having your portion of veggie and tender meat in one go.


1. Bunch of Kailan

2. Beef (thin slices)

3. Garlic & Ginger

4. Oyster Sauce

5. Dark Soy Sauce

6. Cooking Wine

7. Salt & pepper

9. Corn flour

Step by steps :

1. Steam/boil kailan until it's soft especially if u have kids)

2. Thin beef slices - mix with some corn flour until well coated

3. Stir fry ginger & garlic until fragrant.

4. Mix oyster sauce, dark soy sauce,sugar, (a bit of salt), & pepper

5. Put the beef and mix well and dash some cooking wine.

Try not to cook too long coz the beef will turn hard and pour over the Kailan. I actually put it into the steamer for another 5 - 10 minutes so the whole thing infused together ..but this is optional only ok.

ah...really remind me the good old times....when the only worries you had was to do your assignment & pass that subject.

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